Sidewinder Tactical Sniper Rifle

Sidewinder Rifle

The Venom Tactical Sidewinder is one of our most recognizable tactical Sniper rifles. The combination of our blueprinted Receiver, Venom Tactical Bolt and our Venom Tactical spec Barrel make for and extremely accurate and rugged tactical sniper rifle.  The Venom Sidewinder uses a Manners Composite T-1 Stock. The Stock is textured in the forend and in the palm swell area. This Stock allows for a good cheek weld and is designed for mostly shooting from the prone position. The Stock includes a 1″ Decelerator butt pad and adjustable spacer system. The Sidewinder has a 5 round magazine capacity.

Sidewinder Rifle


Caliber: .308, 300WM
Action: Blue Printed and line bored Remington 700
Action Components: Venom Elliptical Bolt, Handle,Knob,Firing Pin and Recoil Lug.
Optics Platform: Badger Ordinance One Piece 20 MOA Scope Mount
Trigger: Remington Set to 2-4 lbs
Barrel: Brux Stainless Chambered to Match Spec and .001 Headspace.   Barrel length (.308 18 – 24”) (.300WM 22 – 26”)
Stock: Pillar Bedded Manners T1 With ½” Decelerator installed 2 Forward
and 1 rear stud
Bottom Metal: Badger Ordinance M5 Trigger Guard with AI 5 Round Magazine.
Finish: Cerakote/DuraCoat
Weight: 13.0 – 14.0 Lbs
Recommended Ammo: 308 Federal Gold Medal Match 168/175gr
HSM HPBT 168/175gr
Recommended Ammo: 300WM Federal Gold Medal Match 190gr

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