An Encounter With A Cottonmouth

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on May 16th 2011

It was springtime in the Arizona desert just North of Phoenix when I met the deadliest Cottonmouth a man had ever laid eyes upon. I came upon the masterfully camouflaged serpent basking in the stiflin … read more

Venom Tactical Sniper Rifles, A Superior Choice!

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Mar 19th 2011

Those who I personally know are aware that I only endorse products that I fully support. If the product is not good, I will let you know and explain why. If the product is OK, I will do the same. Now, … read more

ATAC TV Pack Supported Prone Position Video

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Nov 30th 2010

There are many different positions a sniper and his rifle can get into to make a shot. The underlying thought process is that a sniper might have to stay in whatever position he sets up in for an exte … read more

ATAC TV Follow Through Shooting Video 5 of 5

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Nov 24th 2010

This is the final stage of the Sequence of Shooting. You should have reviewed the first four parts and are ready to deliver the shot on target. Part 5 of the Sequence of shooting discusses Follow Thro … read more

ATAC TV Trigger Control Shooting Video 4 of 5

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Nov 23rd 2010

Trigger control is a very important component in the sequence of shooting for the sniper rifle. This is a five part series; make sure you understand the first 3 parts of the Sequence of Shooting with … read more