Breathing, the Precision Rifle and the Perfect Shot

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Oct 3rd 2010

We MUST discuss the simple issue that breathing creates when making that shot that is WAY out there. Our thoracic cavity expands and contracts as we breathe in and out. Over the years of our life we b … read more

This is my Rifle

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Sep 21st 2010

This is my Rifle there are many like it but this one is mine You may of heard this saying before. What does this mean to me? Well with the Sniper rifle this is as true as it gets. You need to establis … read more

Sniper Rifle Ammunition Temperature

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Sep 18th 2010

Ammunition Temperature, It is common knowledge that many factors affect the flight of your bullet. Many shooters spend a lot of time and energy taking barometric pressure readings, ambient temperature … read more

Sniper Rifle Bolt Disassembly In The Field

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Sep 13th 2010

Disassemble your Custom Sniper Rifle bolt out in the field without special tools. Lawrence Bolton and Tom Clarke with ATAC TV show you how.¬† There could be a time you might need to know this technique … read more

ATAC TV Sniper Rifle Field Maintenance Video

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Sep 12th 2010

The Tactical Sniper Rifle, and/or most other bolt action rifles require some field maintenance when deployed for extended periods of time.¬†This field cleaning is a simple process to guaranty that your … read more