ATAC TV Follow Through Shooting Video 5 of 5

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Nov 24th 2010

This is the final stage of the Sequence of Shooting. You should have reviewed the first four parts and are ready to deliver the shot on target.

Part 5 of the Sequence of shooting discusses Follow Through. This is where many shooters commonly mess up a perfect shooting sequence. Follow through is what is performed after the trigger is pressed. We have to understand that the bullet is sitting happily atop the cartridge, in the chamber of the rifle at the moment the trigger is pressed. When the trigger breaks the sear disengages the firing pin. Spring tension propels the firing pin forward overcoming the inertial weight of the pin. The firing pin hits the primer of the cartridge and the primer ignites the powder charge. Expansion of gases takes place. When the pressure inside the cartridge overcomes the interference fit between the cartridge neck and the bullet, the bullet starts its journey down the barrel of the rifle. This is referred to as internal ballistics. We have to remember the bullet is being accelerated from a standing start.

Although this all seems to happen in a short period of time, there is still plenty of time to screw up this process by the upsetting the shooting platform before the bullet leaves the barrel. Flinching is one of the main causes of poor follow through. Plenty of dry practice is just what the doctor orders to insure perfect follow through. It is essential with precision shooting to be able to call the shot each and every time the trigger is pressed. This means calling out the precise location of the rifles cope cross hairs at the moment the trigger is pressed. Telling your spotter where the cross hair was the moment the shot broke allows him to give you corrections to the target. This is discussed in another program called Shooter/Spotter Communications. Watch the video below as Tom and Lawrence express the importance of combining all the elements in the Sequence of Shooting to improve your skills with your sniper rifle.

Watch the How to Video on ATAC TV Here: Sequence Of Shooting Part 5 of 5 Follow Through 

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