ATAC TV Sight Alignment Part 1 of 5

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Nov 16th 2010

Tom Clarke and Lawrence Bolton on ATAC TV Firearms Channel begin the five part series of the Sequence of Shooting with optics, such as scope mounted sniper rifles. It is assumed that you have properly set up a rifle and scope including eye relief, cheek weld and ocular lens focus before the start of this program. Sight alignment is the first part series of basic marksmanship fundamentals. The sequence of shooting is the foundation of all weapons systems shooting skills.

Sight alignment is the alignment of the cross hairs of the scope with the intended target. Sounds easy, doesn’t it. There are many other external factors that affect the ability to keep the cross hairs of the scope reticle in alignment. Breathing causes the reticle to move up and down in a vertical plane. So, if breathing effects the reticle vertical alignment of the reticle what do we do? We control breathing and make sure the reticle is aligned at a specific point in a breathing cycle. This will be discussed in a later part of the sequence of shooting series. OK, so what else can cause the reticle to shift in a horizontal plane? Body position tension usually is the most common cause of horizontal shift. Make sure your body position is relaxed. Check your position by closing your eyes for 3 seconds and your reticle should not shift, if it does, adjust your position to get your natural point of aim.

This is also the time to make sure you have perfect focus on the target. Adjust the scopes parallax adjustment if so equipped to get a crystal clear target image. Make sure you watch the complete series of the Sequence of Shooting with optics with Lenny and Tom. Understanding the process will help you make that hit at distance. Watch the video program linked below for more details.

Tom Clarke and Lawrence Bolton guide you through the first segment of this very important series on the ATAC TV Firearms Channel

Watch Video here on ATAC TV:  Sequence of Shooting Part 1 of 5:  Sight Alignment