ATAC TV Sniper Rifle Field Maintenance Video

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Sep 12th 2010

The Tactical Sniper Rifle, and/or most other bolt action rifles require some field maintenance when deployed for extended periods of time. This field cleaning is a simple process to guaranty that your Sniper Rifle remains operational. Lenny Bolton and Tom Clarke with ATAC TV demonstrate the proper way to keep the Sniper Rifle clean, and discuss the different parts of the rifle to inspect and lubricate, such as, the bolt, barrel, bore, bolt locking lugs and chamber area.

The tools to maintain the Bolt action rifle are few. A rag, Break Free / CLP and a Bore Snake will take care any of the field cleaning issues with ease. Take the time to keep your Sniper Rifle up and running while out in the field. Watch the video for the proper way to accomplish this goal.

Watch Video here on ATAC TV: Sniper Rifle Maintenance Program