Sniper Rifle Bolt Disassembly In The Field

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Sep 13th 2010

Disassemble your Custom Sniper Rifle bolt out in the field without special tools. Lawrence Bolton and Tom Clarke with ATAC TV show you how.  There could be a time you might need to know this technique … read more

ATAC TV Sniper Rifle Field Maintenance Video

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Sep 12th 2010

The Tactical Sniper Rifle, and/or most other bolt action rifles require some field maintenance when deployed for extended periods of time. This field cleaning is a simple process to guaranty that your … read more

Sniper Rifle Nomenclature

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Sep 12th 2010

You should know all the parts and location of the parts of your Sniper rifle. The bolt, trigger assembly, ejection port, barrel, magazine well or trap door, safety lever, bolt release lever, muzzle, e … read more

Cold Bore Shot

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Aug 25th 2010

THE COLD BORE SHOT . . . FACT OR FICTION? It is often thought that the first shot fired from a cold barrel will have a different point of impact than the second, third or any other shot that is fired. … read more

Rifle Scope Selection

Posted by Lawrence Bolton on Jun 18th 2010

Scopes come in two main types fixed power and variable power. Fixed power scopes have less moving parts theoretically enhancing durability. Variable power (adjustable magnification) have more moving … read more