ATAC TV Sight Picture Part 2 of 5

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This is the second part of a five part series. Make sure you understand Sight Alignment (Part 1) before moving on to Sight Picture (Part 2).

Using a scope differs from iron sights in the way you line up your sights on a target. Iron sights require the top of the front sight post level with the top of the rear sight, with equal light passing on the left and right side of the front sight looking through the rear sight notch. This is the procedure to align standard irons and once aligned, it is called sight alignment. Optics or scopes do not require alignment of two different objects to achieve sight alignment.

A big advantage of optics such as Red dots or standard scopes is they have a single point of reference to align the sight with a target. There are many different types of sight reticles including fine cross hair, posts, duplex cross hair, target dot, circle dot and many more. What matters is that each type of reticle is a single reference, that when mounted on a firearm, can be easily aligned with a target.

Sight Picture by definition is the alignment of the cross hair (or equal) of the scope with the intended target. Once the sight cross hair is aligned with the target, this is called Sight Picture.Many other things influence maintaining the sight or cross hair on the target. Breathing is a prime example of this. Normal breathing while sighted in on a long distance target will cause the cross hair to move vertically up and down as you inhale/exhale, depending on your stability in a shooting position. Since we learned in another program that the perfect time to get a controlled trigger break is on empty lung, make sure the cross hair and the target are aligned while you are in your respiratory pause. Trigger control also can disrupt the sight picture by making the gun go off while jerking or slapping the trigger instead of pressing it smoothly to the rear to achieve a clean break.

A video presentation of this part of the sequence of shooting is available on the ATAC TV firearms channel. Tom and Lawrence walk you through the steps required to acquire and maintain sight picture, while explaining other factors that will affect accuracy in long range shooting. Watch the video program linked below for more tips and details about

Watch Video Here on ATAC TV:  Sequence of Shooting Part 2 of 5 Sight Picture