This is my Rifle

This is my Rifle there are many like it but this one is mine

You may of heard this saying before. What does this mean to me? Well with the Sniper rifle this is as true as it gets. You need to establish a relationship with your rifle. You need to know exactly where your bullet is going to impact the intended target under any condition. How do we accomplish this goal.

  1. You must be able to perform your basic shooting skills perfectly all the time ie: body position, scope picture, trigger control and breathing. This comes from thousands of repetitions mostly during Dry practice. The goal is to be able to perform the shooting sequence almost subconsciously and perfectly all the time and on demand.

  2. When shooting the rifle do not send rounds down range without 100% concentration on each round fired. Treat each round fired as a separate event.

  3. Collect DOPE (data on personal equipment) on your rifle every round. Document all relative data for each round fired ie: lighting conditions, location, altitude, temperature, humidity, wind velocity, wind direction and ammo. Make your own data. Don’t go by what they say because they are not all ways right. And they do not know you or your rifle.

  4. Shoot under all conditions. Don’t be a fair weather shooter. Embrace the wind, rain and what ever mother nature has to throw at you. This is the only way to know what effects what by how much and how.

  5. Perform your own maintenance as much as possible it will strengthen your relationship with your rifle.

  6. Dry practice some more.

Lawrence Bolton,

Venom Tactical and ATAC Staff