Sniper Rifle Nomenclature

You should know all the parts and location of the parts of your Sniper rifle. The bolt, trigger assembly, ejection port, barrel, magazine well or trap door, safety lever, bolt release lever, muzzle, etc, these are all parts on your rifle that you should understand and have the skill to operate.

You should also understand, the optics mounting platform, rings, scope/optics and their controls to be able to effectively employ the Sniper rifle.  Tom Clarke and Lawrence Bolton of the ATAC TV Staff discuss the basic understanding and the identification of each part on the Venom Tactical Custom Sniper Rifle.  You need to know this stuff! Pick up your Rifle and follow along with these guys on the video below. Watch the video and make certain you have the basic understanding of the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.

Watch on here:  Sniper Rifle Nomenclature Program