Venom Tactical Cottonmouth Sniper Rifle Review

Venom Tactical Cottonmouth Sniper Rifle Review

My Venom Cottonmouth is the highest quality precision rifle I have ever owned. Where do I start? Everything about this custom hand-built rifle shows the innovative design and attention to the smallest of details that make up this rugged and reliable firearm. I took possession of my rifle in October 2009, and have been amazed by the performance and accuracy every time I press the trigger. So far, I logged 1684 rounds of Federal 168g Gold Match in my logbook.

Lawrence Bolton is a Master Engineer and he hand-built my rifle exactly to the specifications I wanted, with the quality and precision that he demands of each Sniper rifle that leaves his shop. During the construction of my rifle, Lawrence guided me through the many steps to produce an accurate, custom-fit “Bang Stick” that is compatible of extreme accuracy. Hell, the first three rounds out of this rifle were ¼ MOA at 100 yards.

This is my set-up:  (Check out the Venom Website to see HOW these rifles are built and the Specs)

Stock: I picked the Cottonmouth because I like the Manners T-3.

Barrel: Lawrence & I talked about the “mission” of this rifle and WHAT I was going to use the rifle for? I picked the 20” Heavy in .308 with Lawrence’s custom twist-rate and taper.

Scope Base: Badger

Rings: Leopold Tactical – Med height

Scope: Leopold Mark 4, M-2 Tactical

Color: OD stock and Tan action

I had the pleasure of shooting a sniper course with Lawrence Bolton at GPS Defense. Lawrence built a rifle identical to mine in every detail for himself, and during the week long course, we fired almost 500 rounds each. I was shooting Federal Gold Match 168g, and Lawrence had the Federal 175g. What we found is very interesting . . . Our “dope” from 100 to 1200 yards was EXACTLY the same for both rifles. Chronograph tests showed that our rifles with 20” barrels were 40 feet-per-second faster than the same load out of a standard 24” rifle.

The Blue-printed receiver, Venom elliptical Bolt, Venom Custom barrel, Custom-fit, Stock bedding, etc, are a few of the many reasons I choose Lawrence Bolton to build my rifle. Would I have Lawrence build me another rifle? In a heartbeat! I recommend these rifles to anyone who wants a tool they can count on. I can truly say:


by Mark Flinn

Extremely satisfied customer