Removing Your Venom Rifle Stock

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Stock Removal and Reassembly

Warning: You will have to re-zero your rifle after performing this procedure.

A video production of this maintenance sequence is available at ATAC TV


1.  Remove your scope by loosening the 2 scope cross bolt nuts.

2.  Stand the rifle up on its end with the butt stock down on the work bench.

3.  Loosen and remove the action screws.

4.  Hold the action into the stock and invert the rifle. Place your index finger over the rear tang of the action and gently tap the muzzle end of the barrel on a padded mat. You will begin to feel the action release from the stock.

5.  Remove the stock from the action.

6.  Remove the bottom metal. You may have to gently rock the assembly to get it free of the stock.

7.  Clean and inspect the bottom metal.

8.  Clean and inspect the action. Make sure there is no debris or rag lint on the under surface of the action especially the recoil lug area.

9.  Clean and inspect the stocks bedding surface. Pay special attention to the recoil lug slot.


1.   Re install the bottom metal into the stock.

2.   Stand the stock up on the work bench butt down.

3.   Holding the action by the barrel, carefully slide the action into the stock aligning the actions recoil lug with the recoil lug slot in the stock.

4.   Once the action is all the way into the stock start the action screws into the action.

5.   Start by tightening the action screws just until the screws make contact with the bottom metal.

6.   Tighten the screws using an inch pound torque wrench. Alternate between front and rear screws tightening about 10 inch pounds at a time till you get to 63 inch pounds.

7.   Place your rifle on its bi pod or stand. Re-install your scope tightening the ring cross bolt nuts alternating front and rear until you reach the manufacturers torque specs.

8.   Go to the range and re-zero your rifle.