Mounting Your Scope Base

A Video production of this procedure can be viewed at ATAC TV

You will need:

  • An inch pound torque wrench
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Blue LocTite®
  • Correct size torx sockets
  • Optional 1/8 punch and small Hammer

1. Make sure the base and receiver are perfectly clean. Use alcohol if necessary.

2. Check the fit of the base. If the base does not contact the receiver perfectly. . . STOP. If you can not figure out why it does not fit correctly, take the Rifle to competent gunsmith.

3. If the base fit is good, make sure the receiver threads are clean and oil free. Clean the mounting screws.

4. Take note of the screw length. The shorter screws go toward the muzzle end of the rifle. Apply LocTite® Blue, or even better, GunTite.

5. Screw in all 4 screws loosely at first. If the base has a built in recoil lug or slotted screw holes apply pressure toward the muzzle of the rifle while gently tightening the screws. This will help the base stay in position as the base will tend to shift forward under recoil.

6. Tighten screws from in to out a little at a time. Be careful do not over tighten. Use a inch pound torque wrench tightening to manufacturers spec, usually around 14inch pounds. From in to out.

You can rap on each screw with a punch the same diameter as the outer diameter of the Screw head and then re- torque.