How To Clean Your Venom Tactical Rifle

There are many ways to clean your sniper rifle this is the way we do it.

A video presentation of this cleaning method is available on ATAC TV

1. Make sure the rifle is unloaded and all ammo removed.

2. Place rifle in rest, muzzle lower than action.

3. Remove bolt.

4. Clean chamber with a short cleaning rod and chamber swab with a few drops of Bore Tech Eliminator, followed by a dry swab.

5. Clean receiver bolt lugs with lug cleaning tool.

6. Insert chamber guide.

7. Wrap a patch around a Parker Hale type jag and a one piece nylon coated cleaning rod.  Using Bore Tech Eliminator, stroke from chamber to muzzle, one direction only, exiting muzzle. Make sure patch is well soaked. Remove jag and insert cleaning rod thread protector before removing cleaning rod. We use a Dewy thread adapter to protect the crown.

8. Repeat step 7. Five more times.

9. Install a good quality nylon brush on the cleaning rod. Make sure the brush is well soaked with the Bore Tech. Stroke the brush through the bore 10 to 15 times adding solvent as necessary.

10. Install the jag on the cleaning rod. Wrap a well soaked patch around the jag and again stroke through the bore form chamber to muzzle removing the jag at the muzzle end. Install thread protector and withdraw the cleaning rod. Let the solvent soak for 5 min.

11. Now run dry patches down the bore until the patches exit the bore as clean as they went in.

12. Remove chamber guide and swab chamber with a dry swab.

13. Clean bolt face with brass or stiff nylon brush to remove any debris. Wipe bolt surfaces with Break-free.

14. Re insert bolt have fun.


Always run a dry patch down the bore before firing.

More barrel crowns are damaged from cleaning than anything else. Take your time and use quality cleaning equipment.

Always use nylon coated one piece cleaning rods.

Use slow deliberate strokes when cleaning the bore of your rifle.

If you do not use a thread protector on your cleaning rod make sure you gently guide the jag past the crown of the muzzle when retracting your cleaning rod.

Always use a Parker Hale type jag of the correct size.