Finally an answer to your question, “Is my barrel clean”?  

Yes, it is PROOF-POSTIVE clean.

Bore Tech’s revolutionary PROOF-POSITIVE jags eliminate the annoying false indication of copper fouling in your bore caused by traditional brass jags.

Using a proprietary alloy and secondary treatment process, the new Proof-Positive jags are:

  • 100% BARREL SAFE
  • 100% BRASS FREE
  • 100% HEAVY-DUTY

Save your gun from the extremely hard and barrel damaging nickel plated and stainless steel jags.  

Rid yourself of the cheap, flimsy and frustrating plastic jags that bend and snap.  

Traditional brass jags contain over 60% copper in their composition resulting in the blue copper fouling color on your patch when no copper is present in the bore.  By eliminating brass one can effectively determine when a rifle bore is truly copper free and reduce wasted patches, chemical and cleaning time.

The Proof-Positive jag line features a proprietary alloy that is as soft as brass but exerts an exceptional tensile strength to prevent bending and snapping under the force of a tight patch.   

These jags are specifically engineered to provide superior cleaning and function.  Each jag is precision machined to strict tolerances in order to work flawlessly and provide true, concentric pressure on the barrel surface.  

When used in conjunction with Bore Tech BORE STIX™and V-STIX™, a completely edge free transition between the rod and jag results, preventing damage to the firearm’s crown when pulling the rod back through the bore. 

Bore Tech…Setting the standards one advanced product at a time.

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