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The Venom Tactical Mamba is the latest design for the ultimate in battlefield rifle. The Mamba utilizes a Remington Receiver blueprinted to Venom Tactical exacting tolerances. Like all our rifles the Mamba's Bolt is Venom's elliptical design machined and ground from 4340. The Mamba is equipped with a Brux Barrel made to Venom Tactical specifications. The Venom Mamba is built on an Accuracy International AX MK II 2.0 Chassis System. This utilizes a full-length aluminum self-aligning, self-bedding vee block. This Stock has a fully adjustable cheek piece and butt LOP adjustment system. The AX MKII also incorporates an internal 5 round magazine. The AX MK II 2.0 chassis is also folding and will reduce the overall length of the rifle by 8". The .300WM and .338 Lapua versions of the Mamba are shipped with a Venom Antidote muzzle brake installed. All barrels are threaded 5/8 x 24 3A spec. The Mamba is available with Pale Brown, Green or Black chassis color. All barreled actions are Armour Black.

Caliber: .308, .300WM, .338 Lapua
Action: Blue Printed and line bored Remington 700 Short/Long action
Action Components: Venom Elliptical Bolt, Handle,Knob,Firing Pin and Recoil Lug.
Optics Platform: Badger Ordinance One Piece 20 - 45 MOA Scope Mount
Trigger: Remington Set to 2-4 lbs
Barrel: Brux Stainless Chambered to Match Spec and .001 Headspace.
(18" - 29") Threaded 5/8 - 24 3A With Venom Antidote Muzzle Brake
Stock: Accuracy International AX MK II 2.0 with 5 round magazine.
Finish: Cerakote on Barreled Action
Weight 13.0 - 16.0 Lbs
Recommended Ammo: .308/300WM .308 Federal GM 175/M118LR .300WM Federal GM 190/A191 Mk248 Mod1
Recommended Ammo: 338 Lapua Black Hills .338 250/300g

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PLEASE NOTE: A Federal Firearms License is REQUIRED for the purchase of any Complete Rifle. Your order will not be processed without it. A FFL Dealer must be the receiver of the Rifle. Any other firearms parts or accessories shown in this website may be purchased online. Special Notes: Venom Tactical CANNOT accept payment of complete rifle or receivers online.

Please contact us at and attach your or your local FFL License to the e-mail to expedite the process. Venom Tactical will ONLY ship to the registered FFL license holder's address. Custom Rifles will require a 50% deposit.

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