Whether used for Military, Law Enforcement or Civilian use Venom Tactical hand-crafts the most accurate bolt action custom sniper rifle in existence. Check out the information on our website for your next tactical rifle build.  Our tactical sniper rifles are based on completely rebuilt and blue-printed Remington 700 rifles with many upgraded and custom parts including a revolutionary elliptical bolt design and proprietary barrel chambering.

At Venom Tactical our life mission is to remove equipment limitations when it comes to achieving long range accuracy. We believe accuracy in a custom precision rifle has to be field measured, where it counts. A Tactical bolt action sniper rifle needs to be accurate after being humped through adverse conditions to the final firing position. It has to be accurate under diverse ambient conditions. It has to be accurate whether it is the first shot out of the magazine or the last. These goals are not easy to achieve but at Venom Tactical we proudly guarantee our .30 caliber custom rifles to .25 MOA on standard federal gold match ammunition.

Lawrence Bolton custom Rifle maker and owner of Venom Tactical Custom Sniper Rifles.