This is where your tactical sniper rifle starts its life. Every Venom Tactical custom sniper rifle receiver is machined to achieve both coaxial and radial alignment. While many precision rifle builders just face the receiver and bolt lugs, the Venom Tactical process goes far beyond this basic step. First, using a precision ground reamer, Venom Tactical reams the bolt raceway.  This ensures the bolt bearing surfaces are co-aligned and of equal diameter. The receiver is then installed in a custom jig and mounted in a 4 Jaw lathe chuck. The receiver center line is then painstakingly aligned to the lathe headstock center line using a precision ground mandrel and dual dial indicators. When both dials indicate less than .0001 run out the receiver is ready for the truing process. The receiver threads are single point cut, bolt lug contact surfaces and receiver face are all cut from this same set up without disturbing the receiver insuring all cuts are co-axially aligned to the receiver datum line. We believe the extra effort that goes into first perfectly centering the bolt bearing surfaces is truly the only way to ensure that bolt, firing pin, receiver and barrel are all perfectly aligned.