Obviously a custom sniper rifles barrel is an extremely important component. We use only what we consider the best barrels for the job when building your tactical sniper rifle.

At Venom Tactical we set up our custom rifle barrels through the lathe headstock between 2 4 Jaw chucks for the machining process. The barrel bore is aligned to less than .0001 of the headstock center-line using dial indicators and ground range rods.

The barrel chamber is cut using Venom Spec Custom ground piloted reamers while utilizing an on board flushing system. This process insures a perfect Chamber finish by flushing all chips out through the reamer grooves and not forcing them down the bore. This flushing procedure also keeps the reamer lubricated and the reamer temperature stable keeping reamer dimensions constant. At Venom, we always use custom made reamers of the highest quality available. We do not skimp on tooling.

Barrel facing and Barrel Shoulder cuts are performed at this time without the disturbing the setup which allows for the highest degree of alignment perfection.

At Venom Tactical we like to use the Sprialock threading system for our barrel threading. This allows for a receiver to barrel union that stays very consistent from the first round to the last and provides maximum repeatably.