One of the most important features of your tactical sniper rifle is the bolt. Venom Tactical custom sniper rifles are built utilizing our patent pending elliptical bolt design which is CNC machined and precision ground to .0002 tolerances. This elliptical design allows for adequate clearance during the extraction and loading cycle. When the bolt is closed and locked in the firing position the radial alignment is within .0005 tolerance and perfectly concentric to the receiver bolt raceway and barrel chamber. This elliptical design clears any debris build up on the bolt body form the bearing surfaces when the bolt is closed.

Venom Tactical bolt lugs and bolt faces are machined to be perfectly perpendicular to the bolt center line. The firing pin hole is machined to .0625 and utilizes a Venom Tactical precision machined and ground firing pin. Venom Tactical bolts utilize stock Remington 700 extractors and ejectors allowing ease of service and parts availability by most department armorers.

Equally as important as alignment is the strength of the bolt. A dropped rifle with a broken bolt handle is nothing more than dead weight. Unlike most bolt handles which typically are silver soldered to the bolt body, Venom Tactical attaches the handle with a grooved and dovetailed coupling. This process provides a bond equal to the tinsel strength of the 4340 chrome moly steel that the entire bolt is made out of and is virtually unbreakable. Bolt handles are available with extraction cam ramps advanced or retarded from the stock location to fine tune extraction timing.

Venom Tactical oversize bolt knobs are made from 7075 T-6 Aluminum.