Bore Tech’s ACTION CLEANING TOOL is designed to clean the action, chamber area, and locking lug areas of any bolt action rifle.  The locking lug area on most bolt action rifles has a tendency to collect brass chips from cases, brush bristles, primer residue, bolt lug grease, and solvents.  This accumulation of debris can wear heavily on your bolt lugs.  Our ACTION CLEANING TOOL should be used routinely to clean this neglected and hard to reach area.

 The Bore Tech ACTION CLEANING TOOL is comprised of a 1 piece stainless steel rod with a comfortable non-slip handle.  The Action Tool length is designed to clear most rifle stocks so that the handle is not over the rifle stock/ cheek piece.  A Delrin® guide sleeve allows the tool to be safely centered in your action and prevents any damage to delicate action components.  The interchangeable lug recess adapter has a slotted head that accepts the cotton rolls supplied with tool.  These rolls are pressed into the adapter using the index finger and thumb, assuring a tight fit. The tool is then slid through the action to the lug recess area and rotated to clean out any trapped debris/residue.  A small amount of solvent can be applied to rolls to aid in removing debris.  An 8-32 threaded adapter is also included for use with brushes and mops.  These are used after the lug recess tool to clean out any remaining solvent/debris.


Bore Tech’s ACTION CLEANING TOOL comes complete with:

An 18 inch Polished Stainless Steel Rod with a non-slip handle

A Delrin® bushing for centering the tool in the action

A Brass Lug Recess Adapter

An 8/32 Threaded Adapter for brushes and mops

A 50 pack of Cotton Rolls 


 1) Remove bolt as per manufacturer’s instructions.

2) Make sure to clean the chamber before the action is cleaned.  This will prevent any solvent/debris from building in the lug recess.

3) Insert a cotton roll in lug recess tool.  Apply solvent to roll and carefully insert ACTION CLEANING TOOL into action until lug recesses are reached.  Be sure to slide Delrin® bushing in place to center the ACTION CLEANING TOOL. 

4) Rotate the ACTION CLEANING TOOL in the bolt recess.  A few wet cotton rolls may be needed to remove all debris. 

5) Remove used cotton roll from ACTION CLEANING TOOL and insert a clean, dry roll.  Reinsert ACTION CLEANING TOOL and continue until lug recesses are clean and dry.

6) Remove ACTION CLEANING TOOL and unscrew lug recess adapter and replace with the 8/32 threaded adapter.  Screw a mop into the adapter and dampen with solvent.  DO NOT SATURATE mop as solvent will collect in action.

7) Insert ACTION CLEANING TOOL into action and clean action area.

8) Remove ACTION CLEANING TOOL and replace mop with a clean dry mop.  Reinsert and continue until action is free of solvent/debris.

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