Venom Antidote AK47 Muzzle Brake

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To correctly design the Venom Antidote line of muzzle brakes Venom Tactical had to first design a system to able to measure the effects of recoil and muzzle rise accurately. Venom had engineers write software and develop hardware to be able to consistently measure recoil on a given weapon platform. After testing most of the available brakes on the market and collecting over a year of data we set out to design our own line of brakes.

You will find the Venom Antidote to be the most effective device for controlling recoil and muzzle rise on the AK47 platform.

The Venom Antidote for the AK-47 series rifle is available in 14x1mm LH threads.

The Venom Antidote for the AK-47 has an overall length of 2.600 inches and an OD of .925. the weight of the Antidote for the AK-47 is 96 grams. The Antidote has flats machined in case it is desired to install the brake against a crush washer. The brake can be tightened using either a 21mm or 13/16 wrench.

NOTE: As with any muzzle device. It is up to you or your gunsmith to make sure that your barrel threads are concentric to the bore of your rifle. Failure to check this can result in internal bullet strikes and damage to your Antidote and or rifle. Use the included alignment rod to check concentricity.

All Venom muzzle device threads are CNC machined and checked with high quality thread gauges. We are not responsible for the quality and tolerances of threads on your barrel. If your barrel threads are undersized or machined off center and or not concentric Venom Tactical is not responsible.

You can not use a bayonet with the Venom Antidote muzzle brake.