Venom Tactical SAIGA 308 Gas Block

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By Popular Demand. This gas block is designed to fit the Saiga 308 variant of the AK rifle. The gas block utilizes both 45 and 90 degree ports as in our AK 47 / 74 gas block. This allows greater build flexibility for you rifle builders out there. The block is designed to fit the 17.99 mm / .7085 Saiga 308 barrel.
The front port is for 45 deg barrels and the rear port is for 90 deg barrels.The Saiga 308 gas block combines the front sight and gas block into one assembly. The gas blocks have proven to be very reliable under combat conditions.

The combination gas block/front sight allows the front end of the Saiga 308 to be lightened up and makes the handling of the weapon noticeably more efficient. The assembly also allows the barrel length to be shortened for you guy's that want to SBR your Saiga's
The front sight is adjustable for windage with a simple screwdriver. For elevation the sight post is left purposely long so that you can zero your rifle and then use the rear sight as normal.

  • The id of the sight is .7085 or 17.99mm and clamps in place in the existing gas block location.
  • The sight comes finished in black oxide.
  • The gas block sight combo weighs 4.2 oz
  • Gunsmith installation recommended.
  • Pinch screw torque 18in lbs. MAX

Note: There is no warranty for your Gunsmith over tightening and stripping the pinch bolt screws. If your Gunsmith does not possess an inch lb torque wrench, use another Gunsmith.

We get a lot of will it fit calls. We can not keep up with all the AK variants out there. Measure your barrel at the gas block location. If your barrel is .7085 / 17.99mm or there about it will more than likely fit. If it is not you will have to have the barrel machined in order for the block to fit. Do not try to install the block by stretching it to fit.

We recommend that once you have adjusted your Venom Tactical front sight windage you apply one or two drops of GREEN Locktite to front sight and allow it to wick between the sight post and the block body.