Wolverine Flash Hider Long 14x1mm Fluted Pointed

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The Wolverine Flashider is very effective in dampening muzzle flash on the AK47/74. The Wolverine is made out of durable stress proof steel. The pointed version of the Wolverine is also an effective tool for close combat situations. A blunt Wolverine version is also available. We have sold many of these flash hiders and they have proved to be very durable and effective in combat.

  • The Wolverines are available in the 14x1mm Left Hand thread and 1/2x28 Right Hand thread.
  • The overall length of the long style Wolverine Flashider is 3.750 inches.

All Venom muzzle device threads are CNC machined and checked with high quality thread gauges. We are not responsible for the quality and tolerances of threads on your barrel. If your barrel threads are undersized or machined off center and or not concentric Venom Tactical is not responsible.